Aerial Telecom Cable Services

We specialize in aerial fiber optic cable installation with strand or self-support, as well as placing the cable in the power zone or the communications zone. Our fleet have the trained personnel and the trucks and tools to perform the job in a safe manner.

Wireless Services

We provide construction installation, maintenance and repair services for network connection points, macro and small cell sites. Turn-key Installation of small cell nodes that include the engineering, permitting, construction, and maintenance of the small cell node clusters. In addition, we provide relocation services for nodes that come in conflict with proposed road improvement projects.

Emergency Restoration

Our team provides emergency restoration support for various government agencies as well as private telco providers in the south Florida market. We respond to network disruption calls from specific damage due to construction, to area-wide disruption from natural disaster. We are one the preferred first responders for network restoration in our area of coverage


We provide a broad range of telecommunications services that include, planning, engineering design, construction, projects management, maintenance, emergency restoration and trouble shooting. We count with experienced professional that hold RCDD certification, state certified electrical with low voltage experience, professional engineers (P.E.), underground and aerial engineers which sets us apart when meeting our customer’s needs.

Pole Line Services

We provide a full scope of pole line services such as installation, removal, repair, replacement, and attachment transfers. In addition, we provide pole loading calculations to ensure that the pole will be able to support the proposed load.

Our pole line services ranges from electrical, telco, and street light poles for public right of way and private communities. We count with experienced and certified engineers in the aerial attachment and pole loading calculations.

Wirelines Services

Fiber Optics

Installation, service, repair and troubleshooting services of Outside Plant (OSP) and Inside Plant (ISP) fiber optic cable. The services include, engineering design, construction, management, and maintenance of new and existing fiber optic network infrastructures.

Structure Cabling

Installation and maintenance of structured cabling systems and sub-systems, from coax to CAT-5 and CAT-6 twisted pair for the support of vide, multimedia, voice and data.